Who backs up the back up team? Bacup Tow, that’s who!

We are the industry’s unofficial association and helpmeet. We are here to provide assistance and advice to tow truck operators across the country.

For a small monthly subscription, you will be able to access our full database and also receive our quarterly newsletter ‘Bacup Times’.

For professionals, we are the friendly voice in their corner. We know what it is like to go out there, day after day and night after night.

We know all too well the stresses and strains that the job demands of us. How it can wreck relationships and cause family problems.

Which is why we can help advise about the best way to deal with these issues.

We were formed by tow truck drivers and are run for tow truck drivers. We are here to steer your way through the loneliness and difficulties you face as a tower.

We also help with staying safe and being the best tow truck driver you can be.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, or work, work, work! We also know how to let our hair down and have a good time.

An important part of our friendly community is arranging social events and parties for our members.

Put simply, tow trucking is lonely. We like to make sure that the guys (and girls) who do this vital job get the chance to meet each other and socialize.

Our events run monthly and range from simple meet ups for a drink, to arranging fishing expeditions and other social activities.

Every year we hold our annual dinner dance event. This is a nationwide event and truckers travel from across the land to attend.

But don’t worry if that’s too much driving (on your day off!) We also arrange some smaller, local events, including at Christmas.

To see what is planned in your province or territory, check out our calendar for 2018!

Stay safe out there!