Our Bereavement Fund

Not everyone knows the sacrifice that our men and women do in the line of duty, every day.

But, as a towing professional, unfortunately, you may know only too well the price some truckers have paid for going to the rescue of a motorist, stuck in dangerous conditions.

Accidents are sadly all too prevalent within the industry. Even when all the best safety advice has been followed, there may still be times when disaster strikes, and a tower sadly loses his or her life.

Even more tragically, you will probably already know someone who has made this ultimate personal sacrifice, in the defense of the public’s safety.

Over the whole of North America, an estimated sixty tow truck operators lose their lives annually. This is a shocking statistic and sadly brings home to many just how dangerous our jobs are.

This is why our friendly society launched the Bereavement Fund in 2012.

This is a fund which is designed to provide immediate and much needed support for the families of fallen tow truck drivers.

In the days and months following a tragedy, many families find themselves struggling. Not only with the emotional loss of their loved one, but also with the financial strain it brings.

Not only may there be a wait for any compensation or insurance fund to pay out, but then there is also suddenly the very real expense of a funeral. This is in addition to money still needed by the family of the fallen truck driver, to simply live.

At this difficult and traumatic time, families and the bereaved should not have to worry about money.

For that reason, we launched this benevolent Bereavement Fund.

We fundraise throughout our community for this fund. We also are grateful for the generosity of many private individuals, as well as industry members, who have assisted us.

Our aim is to help practically, at this difficult time and provide financial assistance, when it is most needed. This means a fund which can be accessed as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss for its recipients.

We run regular fundraising initiatives, both in our own society and across the industry in general. We also reach out to the general public, who have been unerringly generous in supporting our cause.

If you would like to join our organization, the membership fees automatically contribute to the Bereavement Fund.

All additional contributions are warmly welcomed and you can download an ideas pack for fund raising initiatives to use in your area.

Thank you.